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Ed Durgan on Anti-Olympics Arrests


Ed Durgan, former anti-Olympics arrestee, talks to VMC about being detained, police intimidation, and Solidarity with Anti-Olympic Convergence Arrestees.

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The video isn't showing up

The video isn't showing up for me; I'll keep checking back however, as Ed is a hero.

ed - olympic organizer protester

I think you should get the you know what out of my country - thanks for sepending our tax dollars - next time obey our laws - and I think your student visa should be recinded.

How about you get angry at

How about you get angry at the people (IOC/VANOC)who wasted over 7 BILLION of your tax dollars? Numbnuts.

Fixed. Apologies.


Ed Durgan on Anti-Olympics Arrests


Way to put your shit on the line!!!

If only more Canadians did this.

Yet, we, shit disturbers will continue to protest, rally, challenge and keep making a postive difference in our country/society.

Social justice does not just fall from the sky - IT IS FOUGHT FOR - DAILY!

Police state is a sad state of control freaks.



Thanks VMC for the chance to

Thanks VMC for the chance to round out and report my experiences in olympics resistance.  I would have liked to add more about how much jail sucks!  Its a dungeon right there in the DTES.  They pump in cold air, you have no blankets and only one layer of clothes, they refuse vegetarian food and the food is the worst possible quality, people are screaming and crying, guards walk around rattling their keys as if they are coming to unlock your door - they look into the cell and one made a face at me one time.  In short, your physical and mental health is bound to take a dive from being in that jail and mine did.  I am not surprised that someone like Harriett Nahanee would contract pneumonia in such a situation.  

SACA ( continues to be highly successful in raising funds and fighting the various charges in the courts.  We have raised nearly 20 thousand dollars from callouts, fundraisers, and selling merch.  Some donations have come in directly to our lawyers anonymously.  The community has really stepped up to fulfill this urgent need and we all really want to thank them as much as possible.  

Some of us have now received info from cops through FOI requests.  I found out that I had been deemed 'a potential risk to the safety and security of the 2010 games' in the summer of 09' and presumably under surveilled at times since then.  Other members of SACA have found out similar information - cops have noted where we have appeared as speakers, who we associate with, where we are from, how many times we've crossed the border and who with etc.  Much is redacted in these reports and that info presumably pertains to undercover contact and who knows what else.  

None of us has done anything that is not explicitly guaranteed in the Charter, but we are treated as if we have.  Since the olympics I have come to understand and respect why people "black up", wear masks etc - because they are being systematically and unconstitutionally targetted. 

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