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90-Year-Old Eleanor Hadley Speaks at Occupy Vancouver

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Eleanor Hadley is a 90-year-old parks activist that has been standing up to City Councellors and Parks Board commissioners for the past fifty years. Many have even seen her ejected from public meetings for exceeding her allotted five-minute time limit. But after five decades of seeing Stanley Park and English Bay sold off bit by bit to make way for restaurants and aquarium expansions, Eleanor has had enough. This municipal election, Eleanor Hadley will be running for Parks Board as an Independent. So on November 19th, be sure to vote for the fiery old broad with the yellow flower in her cap, Eleanor Hadley... Mrs.

Eleanor Hadley was recently featured at the DOXA Documentary Film Festival in Daniel Pierce's film, "The Hollow Tree", for her role in helping to save the Stanley Park Hollow Tree, 

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