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"A Call for Action" Art Sterritt; Defend Our Climate Rally-Vancouver BC

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Stop Tar-Sands Pipelines / Defend Our Climate Defend Our Communities-Nov 16th Rally”

A message to Christy Clarke & Steven Harper” from the people of BC who care about the environment for all living things. 

As Coast to Coast rallies take place on this day huge crowds turn-out in Vancouver BC. On up to 5,000 were reported on site not the 1,000 as reported in some media sources, this video clip shows the truth.. 

Art Sterritt First Nations spokesperson gives a stunning presentation to the people who were in full support in stopping this Northern Gateway Project from destroying BC, whatever it takes. It was reported that pipeline spills are occurring at a rate of 7 per month and their safety record is certainly not complimentary. 

We simply must now allow the cash cow to destroy our homeland to enrich the rich.  Please visit one of the following locations and sign the petition to stop this tar sands madness with toxic pipelines from coast to coast.

  Thanks for watching and for giving support, our environment is simply not for sale. Petition sites:     /   /    /   Greenpeace;   /

USA Residents:     

Many more may be found in this Google search thread. Go remind our elected officials they work for the everyday taxpayer not corporate conglomerates’.   

For your Info:  UN page showing Canada at the bottom of the countries on environmental protection.

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