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BC Port Expansion “Stop This We Must” Harvey Ostroff

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Higher playback resolution version found here:  A somewhat sadly humorous original music offering on the topic of Coal Exports and the related health hazards is brought to us as an opening for the Take Back Our Port Rally. Harvey Ostroff-BA., MA-Theatre, Educator / Playwright / Actor/ Workshop leader & artist.  Harvey points out in this presentation how hypocritical it seems for officials to be hiring a blacklisted international company to review the environmental impact and health and safety of this port expansion project..  The RCMP raided the Montreal headquarters of the engineering and construction giant in April as part of an investigation into $56 million in mysterious payments. One multimillion-dollar payment allegedly went to the family of former Tunisian dictator Zine el Abidine Ben Ali to win construction contracts in the North African country.                                                              

Link to Lavalin black listed worldwide.

Another also found  here  :   

    Stand-up people required to stop this madness and bring some integrity back to failing democratic systems most everywhere in these days of social decline where corporations control the masses.

Thanks for watching and doing what you can to make this a better world for all.  Please visit the following sites for more information and to give support in protecting our health & environment.

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