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Break Free Vancouver_No Means No

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NOTICE TO VIEWERS:    We seem to have had a bad upload with this clip on YouTube / playback quality is extremely poor. PLEASE WATCH THE SAME VERSION ON VIMEO _ click here.  Sub Titled: "Enough Is Enough-The World Is Watching".  #BreakFree.  

Vancouver citizens and First Nations people surround Kinder Morgan's Oil terminal on land & water to send a reminder to Kinder Morgan & Justin Trudeau:

The Worlds Wellness Is Our Wellness. Stand and protect it before it is too late ! 

      No matter what it takes / Tar Sands pipeline expansion & increased tanker traffic will not be allowed to destroy Canada's West Coast lands & waters.

If civil disobedience is the only answer then that will certainly happen.

Many thanks go out to Sarama documentary film maker /  for sharing some of his waterfront footage of this event coverage.

Please visit the following locations to become aware of Sarama's about to be released feature film “This Living Salish Sea”.   A reminder to all of what is at risk from the certainty of oil spills on BC's pristine West Coast Waters with increased tanker traffic.

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