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Confronting Canada Day - Dan Wallace, Audrey Siegl

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Confronting Canada Day - Audrey Siegl


From the organizers:

“This year on Anti-Canada day, we come to the streets to express solidarity with people everywhere fighting for a life worth living, specifically those who resist the reality of the Canadian state and its ecocidal and genocidal projects in the false names of economics and progress. This demonstration is the second in a series to build Vancouver’s energy for a frontline fight against the industrial mega-projects which would directly affect the health and quality of our lives, and further displace indigenous communities throughout western Canada.

Once again we come together to honour and celebrate the ongoing resistance at Unist’ot’en, an indigenous camp set up by elders, warriors, and other community members. Unist’ot’en camp is set up at a crucial landmark on the pathway of multiple oil and gas pipelines. Including the recently approved Enbridge Northern Gateway Project and the Pacific Trail Pipelines ( There industrial infrastructure projects are inextricably connected to furtherance of the highly ecologically destructive practices, including fracking and tar sands, and the volatile tankers that bring these toxic fluids all over the world.

For life, land and liberation. Against the pipelines and the world that needs them.”

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