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Day of Action Against Extraction

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April 20, 2011

Day of Action Against Extraction.

666 Burrard St. - Unceded and occupied Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver, Canada.

On the 1 year anniversary of the BP - British Petroleum Deep Water Horizon oil rig disaster. A robust and diverse bunch of activists attend and perform a demonstration, theatre and song.

Ring Leader / MC - Maxin Winther.

Ben West of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee opens. (after Tami Starlight opens with an acknowledgement of the local indigenous peoples struggle and occupied coast salish land)

Christine Leclerc reads a poem, written by Stephen Collis, about the terrible irresponsible and greedy extraction companies.

Kevin Washbrook of Stop Coal.

Ta'kaiya Blaney sings her now famous and amazing song: "Shallow Waters".

Ta’Kaiya, 10, lives in North Vancouver and is from the Sliammon First Nation. “Shallow Waters” is one of 5 songs co written by Ta’Kaiya and her singing instructor/professional songwriter/pianist Aileen De La Cruz. Ta’Kaiya is also known for singing “Amazing Grace” in the Sliammon language, translated by her grandfather. 


Ad Hoc Theatre Company to perform “Irresponsible Extraction, We're Through with You”

The World Premiere of “Irresponsible Extraction, We're Through with You”. Earlier today, the Ad Hoc Theatre Company performed this play at the Enbridge Office just down the street on Burrard. (seems many of these terrible and irresponsible capitalist companies are located in the 4 block radius)

Tami Starlight - VMC Editorial Collective & Video Femininja who loves herbal tea, her cats and shit disturbing

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