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Downtown Eastside street market challenges city bylaw

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Camera: Gregor Jahn
Script. Dawn Paley
Interviews: Tami Starlight
Editing: Franklin López

There's a new market in the Downtown East Side which is already receiving rave reviews from vendors and customers alike. Activists with the Downtown Eastside Neighborhood Council have teamed up with binners to create the Sunday Market. For people who work and live in the Downtown Eastside, the Sunday Market is already an important space.

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Great story about local community building


Yes, of course I am biased, but really, what is not to like about a story of community building?

The DTES of Vancouver has such a troublesome history. Yet, perhaps that is one of the reasons it is so f*cking awesome! Odd indeed. The DTES is the most diverse, affordable and down to eartth places in all of westtern Canaduh.

There are a few problems with the market but the DNC - Downtown Eastside Neighborhood Council and other residents will "work them out together".

The DNC is about residents helping and empowering residents.

"Nothing about us without us".

By and for residents of the DTES. That in itself is VERY successful.

To learn more about the DNC and become involved - see our website:

Namaste/All my relations

Tami Starlight - DNC/VMC (all things acronyms lol)

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