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Edmonton rally in solidarity with the Libyan people

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Approximately 75 Edmontonians brave -20 winter weather to gather downtown at Sir Winston Churchill Square to show their solidarity with the people of Libya who are currently being violently oppressed.

Robust and determined they shouted their demands and let the people know about the issues.


1) Establish a no fly zone to prevent Gaddafi (President) from using the air-force against the Libyan people. 

2) Faciliate the delivery of humanitarian aid and relief supplies, such as medicine, blood, food and other basic provisions to the people of Libya.

3) Freezing the international assets of the Gaddafi family, as well as senior officials. 

4) Indicting Gaddafi for crimes against humanity and trying him in the international criminal court.  

                                                         *What you can do*

* Call, fax and email the Libyan embassy in Ottawa and record your concern about the ambassador and the embassy's position:  (phone) 1-613-230-0919 / (fax) 1-613-230-0683 / (email) 

* Call, fax, email Stephen Harper's office and record your concern and demands:  (phone) 1-613-992-4211 / (fax) 1-613-941-6900 / (email) 


In solidarity

Tami Starlight - VMC Video Femininja & Editorial Collective  (Currently in Edmonton)

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I hope god to them!!! And take Gadaffi n his sons out of libyans life!!

Rocking video your femininjaness!!

All hail the video femininja!

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