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"Life verses Oil"- Toast The Coast-Jane Fonda

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Sub Titled: "Richer & Richer-Sicker & Sicker"..
   Jane Fonda American actress, writer, political activist speaks passionately at a recent event sponsored by Greenpeace Canada held at Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC.   
    Jane reminds citizens of the world that If we fail to take action against environmental destruction we will be admitting we all live in a post democratic era where profit is more important than freedom & justice, more important than life itself. Humans are at an exponential crossroad where citizens must stand together and take action against mega corporations endless quest for more money while destroying the environment which all living things depend upon for life itself !  
  We simply can’t continue on this same path of plundering the planet, drilling for riches & spilling the toxins with little regard for the future well-being of our planet & future generations to come..  Stop Shell Drilling in the Arctic and Kinder Morgan and other Oil Pipelines expansions for starters, all which will result in increased Tanker Traffic along the pristine yet hard to navigate  BC Coastline.
*** First Nations artist Sandy Scofield is heard drumming at the end of this video. 
Thanks for watching and sharing these important words of wisdom so others can be reminded we can no longer continue without changing our ways.
Thank you for doing your part and sharing the speakers words.
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