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"LNG Pipedreams" Damien Gillis

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LNG Pipelines in BC are estimated to have 10 to 20 times larger environmental impact than the oil snads lines and hardly anyone knows.  A message to all for consideration from one of the masters of the spoken word / Damien Gillis:  creator of the well-known Common Sense Canadian & co-director of the upcoming film Fractured Land. Speaks to a full house at public meeting held at SFU Harbor side in Vancouver. The topic of Fracking is covered, pointing out the devastation it will cause and the logical points decision makers may have failed to consider. Great presentation / push play and find out.  
  Thanks for watching and being concerned about some of the not so wise decisions being made today, with little if any apparent regard for our air land and waters all living things depend upon.
  Please Visit the following sites for a preview of the documentary Fractured Land and other locations for access to more of Damien's work.
Fractured Land Web Site & Trailor:
Fractured Land Face Book Page.
Common Sence Canadian Web Page:
Common Sense Canadian on FaceBook:
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