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First Hearing of Missing and Murdered Women Inquiry

A Roundup of the first Hearing in the Missing and Murdered Women Inquiry on Jan 19th, 2011.

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Amazing video!

I wish I was there: it seems like it was a pretty emotional event.

I wish events like those weren't needed...

...and it was very emotional.

numbers are quite sickening... and the realisation how many people must have been how deep involved, or still are. and that the police must have more than just ignored the issue.


"Grand Chief" Ed John

Any mention of "Grand Chief" Ed John in the sex trafficking of native women and (according to the late Harriet Nahanee and others) children. Oops sorry, there's a media blackout on that.

Memorandum on Eyewitness Evidence:;article=127843 

Before anyone starts pointing fingers on "genocide" maybe it's time to clean their own house.


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