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In The Name of High Ideals_Charles Boylan

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Shut Down Canada Rally, Vancouver BC / An Important history lesson about the colonial system for all to hear: Charles Boylan a Canadian radio broadcaster and longtime political activist who currently serves as leader of The People's Front, speaks on topics of a state mentality with a long history of forcibly inflicting domination over the rights of original peoples.

  Not only in Canada but across the entire globe.  Usurping lands, massacring the people, demean their cultures & impose poverty upon them in the mighty name of high ideals democracy and freedom, all backed by billionaires and war mongers.

  Mr. Boylan covers topics including / thousands of murdered & missing First Nations women 4:03 / A call to defeat Harper in 2015, 5:47 / Sack Bill C-51, 6:11, the assault on the democratic rights & freedoms’ of all Canadians / Reference to important  book about history by Tom Swanky 7:00   Systematic Genocide;  documentation on the not so complimentary history of British Columbia & the massacre of up to 300,000 First Nations peoples in the colonial land grab of this country we now call Canada.  Many truths not taught in our school systems / A must read for all citizens. "The True Story of Canada's 'War' of Extermination on the Pacific". Tom Swanky

Video preview: "Smallpox in the Tsilhqot'in War" by Tom Swanky - 5 min clip

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