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No Coal Ports For BC _MP`s Peter Julian & Fin Donnelly

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Elected peoples representatives MP’s Peter Julian & Fin Donnelly call for a strong stand against port expansion and turning the BC coastline into a major coal shipping harbor.

The city of Vancouver and other municipalities agree: along with the full support of the 40,000 member nurses union who care about public health issues.

The message to a government who have eliminated environmental inspections from interfering with corporate projects at the cost of all living things.

“Start listening to the public & respect democracy as people’s representatives"  not corporate servants.

Our Officials are allowing this whole process to be safety reviewed by a company which is world black listed for corruption within it’s ranks. Read report here.

And here:

Here is one for the non believers.

You just try and find a job with a track record like this, and our officials think this is all fine and dandy, why because they will write the desired reports to make the project pass ?  You tell me.

Standup people everywhere required to stop all this insanity / where are you ?

Thanks for watching and doing what you can to make this a better world for all.  Please visit the following sites for more information and to give support in protecting our health & environment.

Petition Site:

More info found here.

Link to UN page showing Canada at the bottom of the countries on environmental protection.

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