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One Heart-One Mind-One People_Rueben George

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YouTube Version Found here:  Sun-dance Chief of Tsleil-Wautuuth Nation Rueben George stands in support of the caretakers of our environment and the fight against Kinder Morgan Pipelines being installed on Burnaby Mountain against the wishes of the people or the local Municipal Government in Burnaby BC.  Since this video was shot police have moved in and over 20 arrests have been made and counting. People are invited to join the peaceful protest on Burnaby Mountain
**Please Visit Burnaby Mountain Update Facebook Page.
**Excessive brute force used by Burnaby RCMP: Throwing that lady to the ground is unacceptable Bull Shit, Period. And the big cheese in the background approves of it all. Shit will now hit the fan right legal observers, or have you also left the scene. These people should be fired.**View excessive force used by police on peaceful protestore at Burnaby Mountain.  Please call the Burnaby RCMP Detachment and make complaints.
***Link to YouTube Video from Salt Spring Citizens in support of the Burnaby Pipeline resistance cause. They Shall Not Pass:
***Donations for Legal deefence fund for citizens standing up for our environment & sued by kinder morgan / go here.
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