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People Power / Van. BC Peoples Climate March-Douglas Gook

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See video

Please watch on YouTube Direct, the video quality on this locations is horrendous most of the time: Sub titled:"The Message Mainstream Did Not Want You To Hear"

Excerpt from the Sept 21st 2014 Peoples Climate March in Vancouver BC, part of the world wide series of such rallies held on this same date. "Please Share for the World Cause" 

 PLEASE take the time listen to this most important message from Dr. David Suzuki : "Today is the day we Decide"  

Clickable links to the Mount Polley Mining disaster refereed to in this video clip. Aerial footage.  

The inside story of corporate neglect and mismanagement leading to this Mount Polley Tailing Pond Disaster:  An example of how our world is being destroyed through all too often mindless neglect.

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