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Press Conference: Women Respond to Sexual Assault in DTES Shelter

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A coalition of women and women's organizations held a press conference today on the issue of sexual assaults against women (as well as a man) in a DTES shelter. According to the group, "in January 2011, it was identified that women were being sexually assaulted by men at First United Church co-ed shelter located at Gore and Hastings." Also, "in 2010, Vancouver Police Department confirmed six sexual assaults had ben reported at the shelter."

The women holding the press conference expressed grief over the chronic underfunding of the shelters, as a result of which women cannot be given enough protection from perpetrators.

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Quick turnover of news!

Nicely done Masrour!

This issue is important to our community.

Great work on getting online quickly!

Thank you!

Tami Starlight - VMC femininja & editorial collective 

Do I get a lollipop?

Or even a tiny piece of candy?

Rick Mathew's blaming the victim



So typical of church clergy attitudes. Yep, we ask to be raped, beaten and killed. Why are we all shocked at this attitude. Wasn't it the churches that raped and pillaged the First Nations people from the Residential school era? Now they ar...e continuing their practices in public and allowing this to happen.

Well to blame the victim has been a social acceptance for years so girls do not wear tank tops, shorts, mini skirts, tight jeans, whatever you do, do not wear permiscuous clothing to a homeless refuge. Go shopping and get some clothes to cover your bussoms and butts before you go in, Might be an idea to cut your hair to look like a man so that you will not get raped, or wear a baseball cap to hide your identity.

Rick Mathews has just advertized to every sexual predator walking the streets right across the country that they have a safe haven in Vancouve at the First Unite3d Church Shelter/refuger. Way to go! Another one to add to your poverty pimps.

Rick Mathews should step down. He is a sexist, racist and should not be in an authorative position such as this in front of god and everyone!

All due respect,

Gladys Radek

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