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Stop Bill C51-Power to The People_Charles Boylan

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Full HD Vimeo version available here: Taking it to the streets &  encouraging people to stand together against this assault on democracy: Charles Boylan_ Coordinator of the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 which has organized 16 consecutive Monday afternoon picket/public educational actions at Skytrain stations throughout the Lower Mainland. Charles is a worker politician active in trade union, human rights and anti-war politics for 50 years plus, has also been a radio broadcaster on CFRO 100.5 FM for 18 years.  Chair of his union’s human rights committee, Boylan is also a candidate for the MLPC (Marxist-Leninist Party) in Vancouver South.  lick
Then to pose all this Bill C51 infringment on citizens rights in defense of terrorism appears to defy all common sense because of one deranged individual causing the incident at the parliament buildings.  
  To many, C51 seems more likely designed to cut back on people’s rights to voice opposition to a government which has repeatable shown it is not listening to the people, who pay their wages and benefits or even the legal or scientific community at large. 
  Stand for your rights before we all live in a police state where peacefully demonstrating against Government policy becomes illegal because the economy comes first.  Humanity, our environment & the well-being of all living things falls to the bottom of the list  !   
 Get out and vote for our childrens future and freedoms, no excuse is acceptable.
 Thanks for watching & becoming involved before it is too late.
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**Charles Boylan is a Canadian radio broadcaster and political activist. He is former producer of Wake up with co-op and currently produces and host the program Discussion on CFRO 102.7 Vancouver. ">  
Stop The Police State Act_Charles Boylan:
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