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Stop the Police State Act-Bill-C51_Charles Boylan

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Sub Titled: "Empowering The People".  YouTube non HD version for slower connections found here:     Both versions best viewed from the source, not here.

     Charles Boylan radio broadcaster and long time social activist joins an impromptu gathering of concerned citizens who came out to express their disgust with Stepher Harper's Bill-C-51 at his recent visit to Vancouver BC.  

Mr. Boylan speaks out against Harper's continued assault on our democratic system and this current bill which seems to be yet another effort to suppress the voices of the people who have a right to be listened to..  

     Now even the Canadian Bar Association which represents more than 36,000 lawyers across Canada, released a draft summary of its concerns Friday. It has developed a full submission drawing on the input of experts in criminal, immigration, privacy and charities law.      and to add to that even Ex-Judges are speaking out against his attack of the rights of citizens:    

       It is now simply time to Empower the People to have a right to take part and be consulted-not dictated to as the future for their children & the well being of this planet.  Just voting for a face or a party and hoping for the best is no longer acceptable !  

      Anyone wishing to purchase the currently being distributed series of #Stop Harper stickers is asked to pleas visit: #Stop Harper Stickers site:

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