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Canadian Foreign Policy

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Trapped by CBSA | Forced into Sanctuary | Seeking Justice

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Monday, May 26 Rally

Over seven months, José has been confined, living in Sanctuary in the Walnut Grove Lutheran Church, ordered by the CBSA to leave his wife & 3 Canadian children. His only 'crime', working with the FMLN over 20 years ago, when they were fighting against an oppressive government, confirmed by the UN to have massacred tens of thousands of innocent Salvadorans. Neither the FMLN nor Jose Figueroa are listed entities anywhere in the world. In fact, the Canadian government has normal relations with the FMLN, the current democratically elected government.
Please support his family.


Interviewer: Karla Lottini, Journalist
Recording & Editing: Devin Gillan, Videographer & Activist
Thanks to Jose, Ivania, Jose Ivan, Esmeralda & Ruby

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