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The Truth Unfolds_Part-2 Mount Polley Mining Disaster

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Sub Titled: "The Big Picture". 
   Filmed at a recent community meeting in Vancouver BC / Part-2 contains an even more "Explosive" report on the outrageous background of neglect and questionable behavior by Imperial Mines which lead up to the gigantic tailing pond spill at their Mount Polley BC mining location. 
   Hear and see reports from local citizens on the total environmental devastation which this has created .   
   Hear the First Nations call for solidarity in the fight to see that their lands are not further destroyed and that this is never allowed to happen again.    
   Listen to Alexandra Morton's shared thoughts on how this will effect all living things in this area for countless years ahead.   
From the Vimeo Site only / Click on these bold time markers to go to that point in this video . >13 minute film on the view of first responders who filmed what they saw and stories of employees negative experiences working on site along with Alexandra Mortons thoughts on this topic. >1:21.   Hear phone conversation with Japaneese Mercury Expert Dr. Hanada and her warnings & advice given to people in the area.> 7:16.  Footage of mining company showing up at the first road blockade > 19:42   Anushka speaks on the topic of Imperial Metals Injunctions > 28:37      Parody on the injunction topic with people serving the injunction wearing masks of high profile mining exectuvies and also Christy Clark, a must watch, quite halarious. > 42:03.  
This spill is reported to have contained 5 million cubic meters of sludge and fluids containing lead, mercury, arsenic, copper and zinc, all spilled into the pristine salmon bearing waterways of BC which in turn flow into the Fraser River & beyond.
      The collapse of the Imperial Metals tailing pond into Quesnel Lake area is the biggest mining disaster on record. 1/4 of the Fraser sockeye rear in this lake, people drink the water, wildlife depends on it.
   ** A special word of thanks goes out to Jeremy Williams of River Voices Productions for supplying some aerial still footage shots of the spill area.  A short video of River Voices showing more details of what actually took place may be viewed here, Mount Polley B roll.  
 RiverVoices Face Book page is located here: 
"KeepEmStraight" Independent Media Services: also has a more extensive listing of videos on all topics of injustice which can be viewed here..
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