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You Are What You Eat_Kenneth H. Young CD

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Sub Titled: "The Human Experiment".  

   Mr. Young presents the background facts on the corporate structure now wanting to control even the food people eat and the seeds they grow.  Kenneth H. Young is a veteran of CAF the Royal Canadian Regiment and a chemical defoliant survivor from the Canadian use of chemical agents at CFB Gagetown. Kenneth is a founding member of many advocacy groups, including the Agent Orange Association of Canada, V.E.T.S, and Canadian Veterans Advocacy.    

     Why are cancer and other diseases on the rise, have a look here and find out more on what they are not telling you.   The world according to Monsanto.

Perhaps also take a few minutes and watch a message from Vandana Shiva on GMO's  & alkso this film documentary on the topic of GMO's      

Special Note:  GMO' are banned in Germany, Ireland, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, France, Madeira, Switzerland, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, India, Thailand,Georgia, GMO Labeling just signed into law is the state of Vermont now joining Hawaii &  parts of California & the list is growing monthly.

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