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Poor People's Radio

Food Bank Users Call for Justice, Not Charity

by Raise The Rates

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Poor People's Radio

About 80 low income people converged on the CBC on it annual food bank day to say that they want governments to end the need for food banks by raising welfare rates.

Out front of the Vancouver CBC, Raise the Rates set up a Poor People’s Radio program after the public broadcaster’s security blocked low-income members of the public from entering their open-house.

This is the audio from the 44 minute broadcast of Poor People’s Radio. It features voices of community members currently living on social assistance who have had to rely on food banks because the welfare rates are so low.

Note: The first 2:45 minutes feature the voices of the Raise the Rates march reaching the Vancouver's CBC and being barred by CBC-paid private security from reaching the open house. The rest of the audio is the Poor People's Radio broadcast.

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