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Leonard Peltier,"I Would Like To See A Red Stone Wall Like The Black Stone Wall Of The Vietnam War Memorial"(In Progress)

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"Leonard Peltier emerged as a Native American leader in the 1960s,

was arrested in 1976 in Canada and extradited.

He has been in prison ever since and in now confined at Leavenworth.

This is his first book."



the roll call of our Indian dead needs to be cried out,

to be shouted from every hilltop in order to shatter the terrible silence that

tries to erase the fact that we ever existed."


"I would like to see a red stone wall like the black stone wall of the

Vietnam War Memorial,

which I've only seen in pictures.


right there on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

And on that red stone wall-pigmented with the living blood of our people

(and I would happily be the first to donate that blood)-

-would be the names of all the Indians who ever died for being Indian.

It would be hundreds of times longer that the Vietnam Memorial,

which celebrates the deaths of sixty thousand brave lost souls.

The number of our brave lost souls reaches into the many millions,

and every one of them remains unquiet until this day.

Just as effective might be a Holocaust Museum to the American Indian

to recall the voices of  those who were slaughtered."


-Leonard Peltier, United States Prisoner #89637-132: Prison Writtings: My Life Is My Sun Dance. Edited By Harvey Arden, P 21.





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