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Oppose the 26 Story Tower at Kingsway and Broadway

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The developer's proposal for the site, photo
The developer's proposal for the site, photo


As you may or may not know, a plan is in the works for RIZE alliance properties to develop a 26 story hi-rise at broadway and kingsway (where the block burned down last year). this is one site of three.

at the first workshop (sun. march 20/11) regarding this development, about 200 mt. pleasant residents voiced a unanimous opposition against this development as it does not at all fit in with the overall character and vibe of this neighborhood. people don't seem to be opposed to new developments; however, they are opposed to a building that is 3 times higher than the other buildings in the neighborhood and are afraid that it will set a precedent for more high rises in the neighborhood. we already have enough generic glass towers in vancouver which is why preserving unique, historic neighborhoods like mt. pleasant is so important. please help stop this development. spread the word. theres still time.


(1) click on the following link and give online feedback: contact:

(2) Email, city planner

(3) show up to the next OPEN HOUSE:
HERITAGE HALL (3102 Main Street)
4-9 p.m.


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Here’s a site with info about what you can do to fight this project (including a poster you can print out put up around the neighborhood)

Citizen's forum on April 27th

Local residents are organizing a citizen's forum to discuss proposed tower and block redevelopment on April 27th, from 6:30-9pm (MainSt & 13th). For more information and updates see

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