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March against ACTA, C30, Voter Suppression!

- 6:00pm
Saturday March 31 2012

Venue: Vancouver Art Gallery
Cost: $0

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This is a collaborative march between multiple groups of activists, intended to bring attention to the impending total surveillance state, and call for the suspension of parliament by the Governor General followed by a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of the voter suppression scandal.

The Conservative Government is trying to rush through 2 pieces of draconian legislation designed to censor undesirable websites and spy on alleged criminals, *and the alleged victims* of said criminals WITHOUT A WARRANT.

Bill C-11 -

Bill C-30 -

We will not stand for this!

Don't forget to sign the petition by our friends at OpenMedia:


We will take to the streets across Canada, with signs and pamphlets designed to share information.

We will participate from home, on social media, and share information with our friends.

We will demand that c-11 and c-30 are taken back to the drawing board or otherwise destroyed entirely, return them to the American Lobbyists who wrote them as part of ACTA and tell them to GO HOME!

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