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Honouring Truth - A Public Reading

Vancouver Sex Workers Honouring Vancouver's Missing and Murdered Women

- 5:00pm
Thursday October 25 2012

Venue: Central Library Plaza


Vancouver sex workers and allies host a public reading:


“Wouldn’t Piss on Them if They Were on Fire

How Discrimination Against Sex Workers, Drug Users and

Aboriginal Women Enabled A Serial Killer


Report of the Independent Counsel to the Commissioner of

the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry, by Jason Gratl



The Independent Counsel’s report unflinchingly describes the lethal stereotypes and beyond callous attitudes of those individuals and institutions that profoundly failed to protect Vancouver sex workers from violence and death.



Date:               Thursday, October 25, 2012


Time:              Noon – 5: p.m.


Place:  Vancouver Public Library Plaza




Contact:         Kerry Porth



                        Esther Shannon



Organizer: Kerry Porth 604-780-2536 or Esther Shannon 604-254-963

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