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Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories

Talking, Healing and Sharing Circle Facilitation Workshop

Building Resitance to the Kinder Morgan Tarsands Pipeline

- 4:30pm
Saturday February 2 2013

Venue: Grandview Calvary Baptist Church
Address: 1803 1 Ave E Vancouver, BC (1 block East of Commercial Dr. / #20 Bus)
Cost: Free / by donation

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Fourth and final Talking Circle as facilitated by Chief Phil Lane Jr.. You do not have to have attended the other workshops.

Focus: How can we move forward with the positive steps we need to take to uphold the idle No More and other movements ? What clear actions of change do we need? What are some of the unprecented unified actions we can take to ensure the grassroots can benefit in a kinder, sharing world?

Please come and learn about facilitating Talking Circles and using Principles of Consultation as tools for principle-centred community building and unified action, facilitated by our Brother Phil Lane Jr., Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, and other respected Aboriginal Talking Circle Facilitators.

The purpose of Talking Circles and Principles of Consultation is to create a safe environment for all people to share their points of view and experiences with others. This principle-centered process helps everyone gain a sense of trust in each other, which is essential for building the cohesive circles that make up powerful community-based movements.

Talking Circles ensures people are respectful of one another’s point of view, the shared time they take up and serve to allow non-interrupted talk and respectful consultation to proceed. A key result is that everyone’s point of view gets heard in a respectful manner. This process also supports communities to transcend abusive or disruptive behaviour. For more information on Talking Circles and Principles of Consultation see

This particular circle will be focussing on action oriented movement against Kinder Morgan.

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Hosted by:
OCCUPY VANCOUVER ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE GROUP as part of a series of community and movement building trainings.

The OVEJ Group believes that to live well together in harmony with Mother Earth we must facilitate system change for an equitable, sustainable and harmonious world, "System Change Not Climate Change"

EVOLVER: Designed for this time of accelerated awakening, The Evolver Network is a learning laboratory of local communities bringing people and groups together to learn new skills, collaborate, celebrate, and manifest change. Evolver Spores are regional hubs of cultural incubation that inspire activism, raise awareness around today's most pressing issues, and explore transformative practices such as permaculture, meditation, shamanism, gift economies, nutrition, and visionary art.

THE HEALING GARDEN is a village network that is creating independent means (online and offline) for members to share peer support, wellness skills, resources, education and training for the purpose of deeper community resiliency. For more info, contact:

TRIBAL HARMONIX is an umbrella organization that promotes the growth of sustainable community and tribal culture through dance, music, celebration, creative expression, and education.

Our mandate is to encourage new ways of thinking by supporting gatherings, workshops, and special events that raise consciousness of environmental, social, political, spiritual and youth issues.

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