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Unceded Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver)

Stories of Animal Liberation

story time for grown ups and kids

- 5:30pm
Wednesday April 10 2013

Venue: Spartacus Books
Address: 684 E Hastings St
Cost: by donation, no one turned away
Accessibility: ACCESSIBILITY: Spartacus Books is on the ground/street level. Both the outer door and the bathroom door are 800mm (31.49 inches) in width. In the gender neutral bathroom, there is one bar directly to the left of the toilet and one bar directly behind it. The inside of Spartacus is all one level except for a slight bump (about 1mm in height) close to the back. ps- the trunk that was in the bathroom at Spartacus has been moved, so the area near the toilet is now much more accessible. As well, please leave our scented products at home to try to keep the space accessible for those with chemical or fragrance sensitivities.

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This event is taking place on unceded Coast Salish Territory.

Who doesn't like story time? Do you miss being read to? Do you love animals? Good epic stories? Come listen to to stories about brave warriors who risk their own freedom to liberate animal friends, daring chases, and Rod Coronado's first-hand accounts of sinking Icelandic whaling vessels, A.L.F. raids on fur farms, and more. Stories will be read aloud by Comrade Black.

"While most of the coyotes fled the area immediately, others could be heard in the distance, howling from the dark shadows of the wild as we heard them before. Meanwhile, one coyote hung back attempting to sneak past the liberator to the last cage. The warrior then noticed the last caged coyote to be a young female who eyed the hesitant coyote with anticipation. As the liberator swung open the last cage, the two coyotes bolted off together into the darkness as stars shot across the sky in a magical brilliance. Tears soaked the liberator's face mask as they realized the love these last two coyotes had for one another, so strong that one refused to leave this hell until the other was also free."

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