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vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory


Take the streets in solidarity with all those struggling against the capitalist machine!

- 8:00pm
Wednesday May 1 2013

Venue: Victory Square
Address: corner of Hastings and Cambie
Cost: -
Accessibility: This is a march, and will be taking the streets for an indeterminate amount of time, but due to the element of uncertainty that comes along with a street march, it feels irresponsible to say whether or not this march will be accessible. Please contact organizer for particular accessibility concerns, and we can hopefully work towards making this Mayday a more accessible event.

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WHEN: May 1st, 6:30 PM
WHERE: Victory Square (Hastings and Cambie), uncededed Tsleil-Waututh,
Musqueam and Squamish Nation land
WHO: YOU! And as many of your supportive pals as you can bring
WHY: Allow us to explain!

There are three concurrent themes in Vancouver and BC these days: industrial expansion (oil and LNG pipelines, coal mines, disregard for First Nations' sovereignty and traditional territories), gentrification (loss of affordable housing, condo development, exploitative businesses) and the repression of our comrades the Grand Jury resisters from Seattle, Olympia and Portland. These three may seem random or "a bunch of different stuff to be mad about", but they are inextricably linked.

Gentrification (the deliberate practice of displacement of poor folks by the wealthy class) is fed and pushed forward by the global and local market, which is fueled by industrial expansion. It's hardly a surprise that these two atrocities are hotly contested, and lead to beautiful resistance and mobilizations by communities everywhere including folks like the Grand Jury resisters.

May Day is a time to remember and fight for those in the struggle that have been repressed and murdered by the state, and a time to remind the state that we are a threat. It is important to remind those who do harm to our communities and those who harm this land that together we are a powerful force.

The organizers of this event celebrate and encourage beautiful diversity of tactics.

Join us on May Day. Together we are stronger than they are.


A brief history of Mayday:

The history of Mayday is rooted in the violent repression of Chicago's vibrant revolutionary working class movement of the late 1880's which culminated in the judicial murder of 4 anarchists plus one more who killed himself in prison before his scheduled execution.  These rebels had organized within the working peoples' limited struggle for the 8-hour day and agitated for social revolution and a world based on mutual aid, voluntary cooperation and equality of access to the means of determining their own lives.  Since then, Mayday has been a time to renew and continue the solidarity between those who will never give up and remember these rebels and all of those before and since then that have been killed or imprisoned in the struggle.

Over the years, revolutionary movements against capitalism and the state have ebbed and flowed.  Recently, the growth of anarchist activity has been on the rise and as a result, a growing number are being targeted by the state.  We must never forget our comrades inside!  Stemming out of last year's Mayday revolts, multiple anarchist rebels in the Puget Sound and Portland have been targeted by the U.S. Grand Jury.  All but one have remained solid and completely refused to collaborate with the intimidating agents of state repression and many solidarity actions have taken place all over the world.  Please take time to further educate yourself on these cases and others like them, and join us in the streets this Mayday to express your heartfelt solidarity!

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