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Empowerment 2010 Tour

A benefit for the Vancouver Media Co-op

Saturday February 6 2010

Venue: HD Lab
Address: 1814 Pandora St
Cost: $5-$10

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The Raised Fist Collective, The National Microphone Association and the Vancouver Media Co-op Present:

Empowerment 2010 Tour

with performances by:

The Outspoken Wordsmiths

at the HD Lab (1814 Pandora St)
doors at 8pm show at 9pm
$5 to $10 suggested donation no one turned away
visit for more info
or call 604 630 6864
a benefit for the Vancouver Media Co op


The voices of El Vuh (MC's Victor*E, E-rise and Zero) drive the book of history through their cleansing beats and rhymes, releasing knowledge that isn't - but should be - taught in school. Are you listening?

Like Public Enemy before them, El Vuh uses hip-hop to move minds as well as bodies. Unleashing a blistering attack against the two-headed beast of ignorance and bigotry, they reminds us that, among other things, Xicanos (Chicanos) were here long before Los Angeles was home to Hollywood or Arizona was patrolled by minutemen. Along the way, they also challenge us to live up to our responsibilities to family and community.

Springing forth from the indigenous community, El Vuh has performed from student conferences in L.A. & Arizona to West Coast Warrior Society events in Canada with artists such as KRS One, Immortal Technique, and Brother J (X-Clan). Produced by Zero, ElVuhlution brings to force the power of El Vuh and their socially-conscience brethren, with tracks featuring the Visionaries' 2MEX (Up Above Records) on "Son of the Sun" along Minnesota's Los Nativos (Rhymesayers), and Olmeca of Slowrider on "Red Road Warrior".

ElVuhlution removes the smoke in front of the mirror that clouds the people's view of our collective past, present, and future. Armed with the triumphs, accomplishments and crimes that surround the centuries, Victor*E, E-rise, and Zero lay out what we all should know. Are you listening?

The Outspoken Wordsmiths

The Outspoken Wordsmiths are a bi-coastal pair of beatboxing pirates who've taken to shore to spread their a-cappella antics & circle-(A)-political poetics by any means necessary.This high-energy power duo has traveled extensively across Canada, performing live shows that incorporate spoken word monologues, spontaneous beatbox jams and freestyle rhyme sessions alongside tightly-rehearsed numbers showcasing rapid-fire lyrical exchanges set atop seamless vocal percussive soundscapes -- thus earning themselves a reputation as a versatile, crowd-pleasing act that leaves audiences thirsting for more.


"I am not a rapper, I am just a revolutionary that raps GOOD. My lyrics are bricks I use to shatter apathy and the status quo. Whether I'm spittin to a live DJ scratchin, acapella spoken word style, a beat-boxer on the street, or a punk-rock drum beat, I never pull punches or shy away from spreading confrontational dissent through powerful, thought-provoking rhymes. I'm here to change hip-hop and steal its soul back from the glorified violence, materialism, sexism, and racism that the music industry creates promotes and markets for their own capitalist purposes. The revolution will not be signed to a record deal... DIY or die. Raised Fist Collective coming soon.. some of the larger events I've performed at include Peace & Friendship Gathering @ Six Nations, Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair, Hamilton Anarchist Bookfair, 2008 CrimethInc. Convergence, Toronto Social Forum, Milwaukee Zine Festival, Regional Social Forum (London), Israeli Apartheid Week (08 Toronto, 09 Kingston), Sarnia Art Walk Festival, Stop the SPP Mass protest on Parliament Hill, Positive Social Action Conference, and London Arts Quest."


"In an age of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. the days are late but still i stand tall, stand tall against the lies, in this world the time for revolution is near, but not yet here. instead we must plant the seeds and water and care for them so when the crash comes we will be ready, ready to resist. my music fits into this infowar, take a proper gander at my propaganda. they're saying choose your side, so that's how i'm playing it, and i choose the side of life, i choose to fight against those killing our world and people. freedom is the only option, fighting is what's left, till the last breath and death. everyone dies, so what you do between now and then is what matters. bring down the empire the fire the words a flint/i'll see you on the front page of the last paper these fuckers ever print"

Organizer:604 630 6864

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