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Towards a Sanctuary City

- 9:30pm
Thursday October 23 2014

Venue: Room 3090, SFU Surrey Campus
Address: 250 - 13450 102nd Ave.
Cost: Free
Accessibility: All our events are held in wheel & scooter accessible venues, close to accessible washrooms. In order to enable people to attend without experiencing hardship, bus tickets and money for childcare is available upon request. We aim to create a scent-reduced space - please refrain from wearing perfumes and scented products. Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) will be provided at this event. For more info, contact us on (778) 782-5339 or

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Recent changes to federal immigration policies have created barriers for migrants in accessing official refugee, resident, or citizen statuses. As a result, there is an increasing number of 'precarious status' (non-status or temporary status) individuals living in our cities. These residents experience poor living and labour conditions and are routinely denied access to crucial social services, including access to food banks, health care clinics,
various emergency shelters, education and more. By becoming a Sanctuary City, Surrey would ensure access to basic services for all its residents, regardless of immigration status. Come and find out more about this unique opportunity to make Surrey a safe haven for all those who call this place home. Talk followed by Q & A.


Martha Roberts
A Registered Midwife with the Strathcona Midwifery Collective and an active organizer with the Alliance for People’s Health, a grassroots organization of health workers and community organizers fighting for genuine health for all and a participating organization in the International League of Peoples’ Struggles. Martha is currently teaching in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University and conducting research toward a Master of Science on inequitable social relations within medicine which shape working class women’s experiences of prenatal care. Beyond health work, Martha is a member of Red Sparks Union, an organization striving to defend, popularize and support liberation movements internationally through community-based education and action.

Anahita Sebti
A community health nurse who identifies as a feminist social justice activist. She is also an Iranian who came to Canada as a refugee with her family and is conscious of the various struggles that are faced by migrants, though also aware of her many privileges.

Shireen Soofi
Shireen became active in migrant justice and anti-racism struggles with Solidarity Across Borders in Montreal, Kanien-kehaka territories. She is currently based in Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish territories and is a member of No One is Illegal and Sanctuary Health. She is also a facilitator and works with youth facing multiple barriers.

Karla Lottini
Karla is a Mexican writer and journalist who came to Vancouver, Canada, in 2008, as a refugee claimant. Her case was initially denied and finally accepted by H/C in 2012, thanks to the community support. She has published in a bunch of newspapers and anthologies, and is author of The Talent of Charlatans. Since 2011, she has collaborated with the radio program Latino Soy with a political column (focus on Human Rights and Immigration). In 2013, she started a learning and inspiring adventure as a member of No One is Illegal Vancouver.


Heather Gies (SFPIRG Staff Member)

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