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Changing the World, Changing History: The Russian Revolution of October 1917

- 10:00pm
Friday November 7 2014

Venue: Joe's Cafe
Address: 1150 Commercial Dr. at William St
Cost: Free

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Changing the World, Changing History:
The Russian Revolution of October 1917
What do we understand after the Russian Revolution? 
What lessons can be drawn for today’s world crisis? 
Speaker: ALI YEREVANI, Political Editor of the Fire This Time Newspaper and Battle of Ideas Press. Participant in the 1979 Iranian Revolution. 
It could be said with utmost certainty that the Russian Revolution of 1917 changed the course of history decisively for humankind throughout the world. No other revolution has ever been the subject of so much discussion and controversy. Those who love and support the Russian Revolution appreciate the impact and influence of it on the entire intellectual development and advancement of billions of people. Those who are against it and resent it dismiss the Russian Revolution as the biggest parasite in history. 
However, the question remains why this revolution, after 97 years is still so important to be discussed. Why did it happen? Who did it? Who lead it? What was the ideology? What was the theory? Was it a coup d’├ętat? Was it democratic? Was it by majority or minority? Why was it socialist in character? What happened to it? What do we understand of it today? Is it relevant today? And of course, why we are discussing it? 
Forum will also include multimedia and discussion. 

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