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Book Publishing and Marketing for Independents

- 4:30pm
Saturday January 27 2018

Venue: Spartacus Books
Address: 3378 Findlay Street, Vancouver BC V5N 4E7
Cost: Free

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•  Sharing three different experiences of manuscript preparation, printing, distribution and marketing; and
•  Discussing the place of independent publishers in this region; and
•  Considering the potential and possibility in forming publishing cooperatives or alliances between Independents.

Signs of Independence:

The first sign of a free publisher is disconnection from and disaffection toward the colonialist state and its cultural agencies. What defines free publishing? Seeking no funding from any governmental granting agency, and refusing to get tangled up in and compromised by attached strings.

"To publish" means to create and to distribute printed materials – books that can stand on their own. This can include having a web site and e-publishing. In fact, new electronic technologies have made publishing more feasible.

Hosted by three Vancouver-area independent book publishers:

Kerry Coast – Electromagnetic Print (first book 2017)

Joseph Jones – Quarter Sheaf (first book 2005)

Tom Swanky – Dragon Heart (first book 2012)


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