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vancouver, Coast Salish Territory

Public Forum: Bad Trip

Canada’s Failed Drug Policy

Monday March 28 2011

Venue: the church at first & commercial
Address: 1803 East 1st Ave
Cost: free

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Why is it that most drugs are regulated within a public health system, but some drugs are set within a legal framework of criminal law?

What have been the impacts of drug prohibition on individuals, families, communities, and society as a whole?

Is our current drug policy (aka “the war on drugs”) an effective social policy, or does it produce more harm than the drugs themselves?

Are there alternatives to drug prohibition? 


Mark Haden – Clinical Supervisor, Addiction Services, Vancouver Coastal Health; public educator on drugs and drug policy

Susan Boyd – Professor, Studies in Policy, University of Victoria; drug policy researcher, community activist, and author

Bud Osborn – Co-founder of Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users; poet and activist in the  Downtown Eastside

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