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REVOLUTION or WAR #6 Biannual – September 2016

by International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL)


(Our review is also available in French and Spanish)

Reflections and Balance-sheet of the Working Class Struggle in France of Spring 2016

Leaflet of the IGCL (May 21st 2016):

An All Out Strike in Every Sector of Production? Now is the Time!

International Situation

Communique after the Nice Attacks and the Military Coup in Turkey:

Explosions of World Capitalism Contradictions in all Directions

Workers Struggles throughout the World

Debate within the Proletariat Camp

Correspondence on Unionism and the Working Class Struggle

On Class Consciousness

Internal Life of the IGCL

Balance of the IGCL General Meeting

Activities Report Adopted by the General Meeting


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