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Wildlife expert criticizes Surrey's plan to destroy peacock flock

Definitely a flawed plan...

by Roslyn Cassells

dead peacock nestling
dead peacock nestling

"Definitely a flawed plan...wrong time of year and individual trapping is doomed to short and long term failure!" Dave Pauli - Humane Society of the United States - Senior Advisor for Wildlife Response and Policy - on Surrey's plan to eradicate peacocks during breeding season using what could only be described as worst practices in every respect! 

Peacock hens have large broods at this time of year - trapping a hen dooms her chicks to a cruel death. This population, stable and resident since 1976, is beloved by 95% of their neighbours. 
Trapping out individuals causes extreme stress, injury, and death, and results in what biologists call the "rebound effect" while means the birds produce even more chicks in future seasons to compensate for their flock's losses. 
Email to voice your disapproval of this cruel plan! 
Contact Ministry of Environment at 1-877-952-7277 to report cruel trapping and nest and egg seizures and threat to other wildlife from traps. 
Call BCSPCA at 1-855-622-7722 to report any birds in distress in traps, being chased or otherwise harmed. Please circulate this post widely!
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