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Surrey Peacock Educational Campaign Begins!

Coexistence over killing...

by Roslyn Cassells

peahen walking
peahen walking
peacock on grass photo by Steve Jones
peacock on grass photo by Steve Jones
peahen and chicks
peahen and chicks
"Understand, educate, coexist!" is the mantra of wildlife experts when it comes to human-wildlife conflicts.  Local residents concerned about the city's lethal plan to trap peafowl in breeding season have started on a plan of their which resonates with wildlife biologists and educators alike.
The city of Surrey has not stepped up to the plate to educate its own citizens about the birds, and how to live with them (or without) we will.
A new website is up to help people learn about the issue and community events and so on at Welcome to Surrey Peacocks
A feather hunt is also under way as the males are now dropping their long tail feathers during breeding season.  People are encouraged to drop by to try and find a feather of their own.
Dave Pauli of Humane Society of the United States, Senior Wildlife Advisor for Wildlife Response and Policy said about the city's plan: "Definitely a flawed plan...wrong time of year and individual trapping is doomed to short and long term failure.  An educational plan, community commitment, and habitat modification if necessary would be the appropriate response for this small, stable flock - resident in Sullivan Heights since 1976.
If a resident wants to discourage peafowl from their property they can take a few simple steps: remove food and water sources on their property, keep the grass short, keep pet food and water inside, remove standing water, keep compost contained, remove ground cover plants or cut them back, and protect garden beds with wire fencing.  Peafowl do not like bright shiny moving objects so attaching strips of aluminum foil or shiny streamers around will help keep the birds from specific areas.  Predator decoys such as owls, hawks, and dogs are also a deterrent.
A Peacock Party is being planned....stay tuned!


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