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Anti-Conservative Posters Spotted in South Vancouver Neighbourhood

Posters spotted in South Vancouver including on Conservative MP Wai Young's Office door- May 28, 2012

"Conservative Party of Canada is Anti-Immigrant
-More temporary low wage migrants than permanent residents.
-Stopping family re-unification & sponsorship.
-Decreasing skilled worker visas & cancelling 300.000 applications.
-Making it harder for migrant workers to get citizenship.
-Forcing women to stay in unsafe sponsored relationships.
-Racist niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies.
-Refugees fleeing persecution are automatically jailed.
-Creating two-tier refugee system based on nationality.
-New rules blocking gay and LBGTQI refugees.
-Cut $53 million dollars from immigrant support programs.

The Conservative Part of Canada has a long racist & anti-immigrant history. They have not changed. They will shake hands with a few immigrant business people, they have a few immigrant MPs, but their policies are the same:


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