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Kinder Morgan Locked Down

by Joseph Jones

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Word went out on the morning of 13 September 2014 that activists had locked down to the gate at Kinder Morgan's Westridge Marine Terminal. As stated in the press release (copied below), the action included the precise payback of a thirteen-hour shutdown for the thirteen trees that Kinder Morgan cut down on Burnaby Mountain.

When this Vancouver Media Coop reporter arrived (the first media on the scene), five people sat spaced along and locked to the gate of the terminal.

The action began at 7:30 am, and the plan was to remain in place until 8:30 pm.

Toward noon, one of the five activists received a message and needed to leave right away. Someone else on the scene immediately volunteered to occupy the vacated space. The departer then locked the replacer into position.

Police soon handcuffed the activist who had just left his own lock behind. After search of backpack, confinement in a police vehicle, and identification procedure, the arrestee was released. Police warned that a return to the area would result in immediate re-arrest.



WHEN:  Saturday, September 13, 2014

WHERE:  Kinder Morgan Westridge Marine Terminal, 7065 Bayview Drive, Burnaby, BC

We are taking action today to honour the 13 trees that US based pipeline company Kinder Morgan illegally cut down in the Burnaby Mountain conservation area on unceded Coast Salish Territory. We stand in solidarity with the Tsleil-Waututh who have launched a legal challenge against the unlawful conduct of the National Energy Board (NEB) and the Crown concerning Kinder Morgan. As a penalty to Kinder Morgan, we, the people, will be here locked to the main gate of the Westridge Marine Terminal for one hour for each of the 13 trees. 13 trees = 13 hours. Kinder Morgan must be held accountable for their actions and we, the people, feel a responsibility to do so in conjunction with the actions the Tsleil-Waututh and the City of Burnaby are taking.

"In spite of Burnaby’s longstanding bylaws put in place to fulfill our citizens' wishes to protect irreplaceable conservation areas in our city, on September 3rd, Kinder Morgan cut down 13 ecologically significant trees — the largest of which was 24 metres high — in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area," said Mayor Derek Corrigan in a press release. "These trees cannot be replaced."

Not only has Kinder Morgan begun surveying conservation and parkland on Burnaby Mountain, unceded Coast Salish Territory, the company has been violating the sovereignty of other indigenous nations while committing ecocide upon their land base. Clearly Kinder Morgan is a company with no regard for indigenous sovereignty, the environment, or climate change.

In this way, we stand in solidarity with the Secwepemc Women's Warrior Society who notified Kinder Morgan that they do not have the consent of the Secwepemc to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline through the heart of the Secwepemc Nation. The Secwepemc will be the most impacted by the expansion given that their territory is the largest to be crossed by the pipeline. The pipeline passes through countless clean rivers, creeks, and streams that the Secwepemc depend on for their survival.

Kinder Morgan has already cleared conservation land while intending to carry out further illegal clearing in violation of the City of Burnaby’s Bylaw 7331:  "It is unlawful to cut, damage, or remove any tree, shrub or flower in any park." Kinder Morgan intends to build a helicopter staging area in Burnaby Mountain Park in preparation for boring a tunnel through the Northridge of Burnaby Mountain, contrary to the city’s bylaws and opposition.

The purpose of the tunnel will be to transport crude tar sands oil and diluted bitumen from the storage tanks at Forest Hill to Westridge Terminal. Many geologists and seismologists are concerned that the Northridge will be subject to extreme shaking in the event of even a moderate earthquake, thereby putting at risk the pipeline, the huge oil storage tanks at Forest Hill and the Aframax tankers at Westridge terminal (not to mention the homes of many residents and the habitats of numerous species). A moderate earthquake in the region would make the 2007 pipeline spill at Westridge minor by comparison.

Today we are taking action. Today we are locking down for 13 hours to honour the 13 cut trees. Today we let Kinder Morgan know:  from the City of Burnaby to First Nations to the citizens of this land, opposition to your plans will be steady, diverse, and unwavering.

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