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Rising Tide 'scientists' separate fracked from fiction

by murray bush - flux photo

Banner drop
The toxic mix of chemicals used in fracking explained
Taking the Fracking Quiz
Barrels of fun
Info table
Family fishing for fractoids
Sisters fishing for fractoids

COAST SALISH TERRITORIES - Rising Tide 'scientists' laid out the case against fracking outside Science World in Vancouver today. Presentations included descriptions of what fracking is, the chemicals used in the process and the effect on wildlife and the environment.  The event was timed to coincide with World Water Day.

The event wrapped up with a banner drop from the roof of the Telus Science World pointing to the facility's unscientific support for the provincial government's massive LNG extraction dreams under the slogan " NO CONScience World - fracking with climate science."

Most of the exhibits and exercises were aimed at kids, from catching "fractoids" with a magnetic fishing pole to playing Pin the Poison on the Pond to a Fracking Quiz. The kids loved it.

Rising Tides' Michael Smiley said “we can’t sit idly by while Science World is working alongside Christy Clark to greenwash the Liquified Fracked Gas industry. Today we are not only engaging with and educating children in the dangers of fracked gas and its impact on the climate and environment but also reaching out to the management of Science World to consider the impacts of their actions”.

He added that “as our popular education stalls showed today fracked gas is hugely environmentally damaging, opposed by local communities and fundamentally not an ethical or viable energy solution. The young kids passed our fracked gas quiz today, if only the same could be said for those planning the energy infrastructure of the region.”

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