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Fall Zine

Downtown Eastside Right to Food

by Right to Food Zine Committee

The RTF Zine is published quarterly, with a new podcast for each one
The RTF Zine is published quarterly, with a new podcast for each one

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The Right to Food Zine produces a podcast to correspond with each zine published. the RTF Zine is based at the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House, in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories, Canada.

You can download the full zine pdf here.

In this issue:

-Picking (on) Organic Food

-David’s Pumpkin Bread Pudding

-David’s Pumpkin Chili

-The DTES NH Says Farewell to Executive Director Paul Taylor

-RTF Zine Launch Party for Issue 2

-Protecting Community Gardens in Strathcona: Standing up for Low-Income People’s Food Security

-Food for Thought: Using Your Noodle

-The Chef with a Heart for a Knife: Interview with David Mendes

-The Cafeteria at the Carnegie Community Centre

-West (Van) Meets East (Van): The DTES Produce Project


The Downtown Eastside Right to Food Philosophy upholds the Human Rights of Downtown Eastside Residents to abundant, local, fresh and nutritious food that is available across the neighbourhood and delivered in a dignified manner. Food is a key determinant of individual and community health -physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We take every modest opportunity to remind DTES Residents of our Right to quality food. We use the offering of food to reflect back upon our neighbours their inherent dignity, deservedness and welcome within the DTES NH. We strive to do our part in raising nutritional standards in the DTES, where far too many good people remain nutritionally vulnerable. Food Allergens, Diabetes, Hepatitis C, Heart and Stroke Health and HIV,AIDS are considered in our menu planning and food ingredients are posted for all to know. We avoid refined sugars, processed foods, gluten, non-stick cookware, silicone, aluminum, foil,pots,pans,plastic for prepping, cooking, serving, storing foods and Eurocentric menus. Our Right to Food includes our Human Right for fresh, clean and publicly accessible water.

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