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Riot! smashing spectacle: Report Back from Downtown (on fire)

by d. Dominion Stories

HBC- looted and burning!
HBC- looted and burning!

Also posted by d.:

Before the history is written, let me say just this; before the pepper spray finally weeps out of my eyes, while the tear gas covers me; let me just say a few words while this smile is still smeared across my face.

Tonight the social peace was exploded. How many will say it was just a hockey riot, as if one could say just one thing about the tearing apart of the relations that bind us to command. Just a hockey riot, where tens of thousands moved threw the belly of commerce and took what they desired, smashing what was in their way. Hockey fans, fuckin-eh we are! And we fucked shit up.

I haven’t been bamboozled by any media coverage yet. In the smashing of spectacle, the spectacle response in its operative ways. From there we usually draw our analysis and shape our positions. But I just remember what just happened. Not all of it, not even close. I pulled up end of the game, beginning of riot. At its origin it was very much colored in the collective rejection of fans who had again been disappointed. Whereas in life we are expected to take the kicks to the teeth when we are down, there are exceptions, and in such moments when the anger is shared, it expresses itself generally.

Cars on fire brought us together, seeking the light. The smoke signaled that we were not alone. The edge of alienation cut threw the cop lines and sliced a crevice between all of us against the few of them. The fires grew with our entitlement. Single acts of defiance become the more heroic as one window gave way to another. Finally a hole big enough to get threw. After streets walled off by partitions of gas, the buildings opened them selves to the street. Trickling in at first- stripping the manikins and then hurling out their husks to be used as projectiles, the mob began to pour in. It was the Hudson’s Bay that split wide open. Window after storefront window offered new entrance, one after another. Each window leading to another then turned around the corner, where more windows yield to the boots and bats.

We were being blown forward by black smoke. It bellowed threw the frenzy. A car here-and-there smashed and burning. Parking garages bellowing the stuff. We all took it in deep breaths and let out cheers.

By the dozenth store to be looted, an open market had established itself. Trade and gifts where given and made. Piles of merchandise where left on the sidewalk for whomever. Gifts where presented to any who wanted some, many having more then they could carry (fortunately a high end bag shop got-its, and folks where able to load there newfounds into travel cases).

Before it is said that this was a jock riot. Drunk white guys. A hockey riot; It should be asked why are some so quick to dispel social war. This was not a politico riot. For the most part it seemed like kids from the peripherals of central Vancouver. If it were a race riot, as a white guy I’d a been strung up. My shade of white-ass was few and far in between.

‘Fuck 94’ was a popular expression. A refusal to be compromised by a hollowed event-, which was considered by the cops to be long dead. It did not rise to suck the blood of the riot- this was war against the day. The day-to-fucking-day.

The violence I witnessed was conscious. It attacked the citizen-cops who morally upheld the inequalities of every day life. These citizens received a taste of the violence that they uphold. Many found that taste on the heel of many a boot. Between them and a window, they both got smashed.

Amongst it all, a cluster had formed. A circle around a fight. In the middle where masked up ‘rowdies’ trying to make an escape. ‘Kill the fuckin anarchists’ was the slogan shared by a few. These anarchists where too self-conscious, and in a riot where the everyday was ruptured in the clothes put on that morning, these black uniforms became totally alien. Suspect. Ridicules. As for security culture, the logic was lost in the conspiracy of numbers. As a vandguardist adventurism, it had them running away from the riot and towards a riot cop line.

From Sears rained down cheap jewelry. Pungent perfume choked me, as every display case was smashed and contents delivered out the front door. Piling up on the streets, commodities, which had been striped of their fetish, became trophy’s, but for the most part garbage.

Chapter’s bookstore windows seemed to be made out of lace. From inside rioters threw hardcovers back at the glass, smashing in at both ends in a race to complete its implosion down the block. Here I found a dented can of beer, a failed projectile, that allowed me a moment to take it all in. What joy we where all having. A carnival. The language of destruction was sung in smashes and accompanying applaud. But in the rubble of downtown there was nothing that could be made. We lived for the moment. We all knew that tomorrow is coming. With it, everything that leads to today’s desire to destroy. The cops began to make their kettle, and most folks took the opportunity to get gone with their hauls.

Every store had its guts spread out on the sidewalk. Every trashcan gave light and warmth. The night sky was black as the smoke from a burning cop car. A full red moon, red like fire. Helicopters strobe lights. The rhythmic banging on street poles. Objects streamed overhead, others fluttered down. We made our festive retreat in the wake of a beautiful storm, which itself was borne and remains in us all. There is no telling when the storm will again tear this shit down, or how long the next will last. Every moment contains in-itself a rising wind.

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You are a fucking douchebag.

You are a fucking douchebag.  I hope you get caught, sent to prison, and end up being the very reluctant boyfriend of some prisoner.

Haha, you're a fucking

Haha, you're a fucking idiot.  I guess this is the rebuttal from the moral majority? You're anti riot but pro rape?  Go drown yourself you ignorant dullard.

Vote YES so there is no more

Vote YES so there is no more HST  and save over $350/per year


Maybe you should look into another line of work; after reading this I can assure you writing is not your thing.

have fun in jail. there is a

have fun in jail.

there is a huge anti-asshole contingent working furiously to sift through documents and video and find, imprison and punish each and every one of you.

again, have fun in jail.

Pro-tip: Learn how to

Pro-tip: Learn how to semi-colons

Sorry but you failed....

It wasn't hard for some of us to see that there was an element of socio-economic frustration displayed in the actions last night. The problem here is that it was so couched in the fallout of a lost hockey game, that that portion will never be known.

Instead you now have an entire city, nay an entire country united against what happened. Your meaning and frustrations were so completely lost by the image of the first jeresey'd hooligan standing on a burning car. The only message that was received is that this city can't handle losing a hockey game! The discussion will be about poor losers and uncontrollable hockey fans. I guaranteee you there will be no discussion of economic divide and social supression. 

Let me be completely clear, if you think that this could trigger change or further conflict, you're wrong. Everone else including almost everyone downtown last night "knows" you participated in a Hockey Riot. The windows that got broken, the cars that burned, the people stabbed and beaten, were done so due to an overhyped hockey team that couldn't deliver. That is what people know, that is what people believe and that is what this event was.

By the way it is through not threw. Learn to spell


I could not have said that better myself.

Dude, learn how to spell.

Dude, learn how to spell.

Too Bad

I'm sorry your job at McDonald's is shitty.  Have fun in prison.


Your single-minded ignorance is absolutely mind numbing.  Your viewpoints would be laughable if they weren't so freaking dangerous. 

By the way, you misused the word "threw" at least twice.   For example: "It bellowed threw the frenzy."  It's THROUGH.  Maybe you should spend some time on something useful, like furthering your education or at least learning how to spell.

Learn to spell, you fool.

Learn to spell, you fool. Worst piece of writing I've ever seen presented as journalism. #fail

"The violence I witnessed was

"The violence I witnessed was conscious. It attacked the citizen-cops who morally upheld the inequalities of every day life. These citizens received a taste of the violence that they uphold. Many found that taste on the heel of many a boot. Between them and a window, they both got smashed."

Let me get this straight: You're in favour of violence when it is perpetrated by you and others of your ideological bent, when it suits your purposes, but against "the violence that [other citizens] uphold"? 


This is a shameful rant.  You seem to be trying to defend mob violence by linking it to some kind of social statement - as though ice hockey fans are downtrodden and oppressed.  The truth is, of course, that there is no statement.  You and the other anarchist goons are simply criminals who belong in gaol.  This masturbatory expression of disappointment in the outcome of a sports match has brought same to our entire country.

Your artikle is very

Your artikle is very compeeling.  the vived descreptions of the bellowing smoke threw windoes really enspiured me to soshal actavizum.  you are clearly an intellagent person who cares deeply about the politicul convikshuns you have, I really respekt you and take you sereeusly.   moar peeple shud care about they're susietee and take up you're knoble cauz of arakee and soshul actavizzum.

Who spells like that? I think

Who spells like that? I think I just threw up a little...

Vancouver Riot

This reasoning is totally deluded - lunatic even.
This will just give the government justification in turning in the screws tighter. And it's evil, jingo-istic excuses will be very popular with everyone.
Thanks guys!

give me lunacy or give me

give me lunacy or give me death.  only the sane could endure how tights the screws already are, and be grateful for it.

and be careful how you bandy about that 'evil' word.  it means something.

Shame on you, D. A. B.

Shame on you, D. A. B.

How Dare You

link to that blog about unrest in Tunisia and Egypt like THIS display of spoiled, overpriviledged, undereducated, Canadian brats on a theft spree has ANYTHING in common with that.

You and your ilk are an embarrassment.

D. writes for that blog

Dude. That's the same author of the tunisia article. Dum dum.

You spoiled brat.

You live in one of the richest and freest countries in the world, and you justify this as an attack on "citizen-cops who morally upheld the inequalities of every day life?"  I've never visited Vancouver's shopping district, but I'll bet it's no Tianmen Square.  I've never dealt with whatever oppression you feel exists in British Columbia, but I'll bet British Columbia is no Cuba.

You don't know how good you have it.   

so dumb

a beautiful demonstration of where the left goes wrong. are we so devoid of imagination that we must desperately try to justify pathetic acts? do we really have so little to offer that we celebrate an orgy entitlement and greed? can anyone seriously believe this shit?

worst article ever.


You clearly need help, my

You clearly need help, my advice would involve getting a dictionary, learning to spell and also learing english grammar.  Then again, you are the best argument against your own stance of wanton destruction masqurading as politics, so maybe ignore all that stuff about learning how to present your arguments well because I don't want people like you to ever be taken seriously by anyone.

what the hell are you talking about?

The author, who would prefer to remain anonymous because while he's proud of his delusions he knows he is wrong, is deeply misguided. Whatever anger you have towards your parents or society is completely skewed, and you reveal how little you understand about political activism. There is no justification. You think these idiots were targetting brands? They didn't give a damn. And in a week, the stores will replace their windows and stolen merchandise, and you will still be an idiot. Pick up a political science book, get off the anarchist forums and put down Naomi Klein, and try to understand the world you live in instead of feeding off of deluded slogans and pro-violent propaganda. You think you're subverting the system, but you are part of the problem that feeds political oppression. You do not have a cause, you are lost.

Riot! smashing spectacle: Report Back from Downtown (on fire)

Wow. Poorly written by an immature wannabe.  Are we supposed to be awed by this? This is just plain stupid.

dude, get a job writing for


get a job writing for harlequin. 

Dear Aministrators,You are

Dear Aministrators,

You are obviously censoring comments that don't meet your approval or aren't in line with your politcial ideology.  The irony of your doing this on a poorly spelled rant that advocates anarchy, shouldn't need to be pointed out, to say nothing of the hypocracy of a suppsedly ultra-left-wing journalistic co-op censoring anything that rubs it remotely the wrong way.. Your organisation should advocate journalistic integrity and standards and I'm sure all of you value freedom of speech    I disagree fundamentally with this man's article and political viewpoints, but he voulunteered this himself and your organisation should consider itself strong enough to take criticism or at least engage me in a debate.  In not letting me post here you are making enough of a statement though: riots, attacking women trying to get to their cars, looting, theft, vandalism, violence and general stupidity are fine and in fact every citizens moral duty, but freedom of speech, healthy debate, proofreading, grammar correction and spelling lessons require censorship.  If my suspicions are correct, you are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical fashionista socialists with neither the intellegence nor conviction to even enter a debate let alone win one.  I doubt if you will post this comment, but that doesn't matter because I know you are cowards hiding behind your ideology and smugly thinking yourselves too good to engage people who disagree with you.  I am neither surprised nor disapointed with this behavoir because it it what I have come to expect from your kind.


Chill out.

Hey Croidler, chill out.

All comments made by unregitered users are moderated by volunteers. Sometime it takes a while for us to get to it.


Thanks Stim

Yes, comments are moderated for those who have not created accounts. And sometimes moderators get tired and need a weekend off... Rest assured, comments will get approved. Or create yourself a free account.

This article

This must be the most juvenile, simple, and lame minded article posted about the 'riot' so far. To call what occurred last night a riot to begin with is a joke. To draw any political or ideological connections is an even further farse.

Having witnessed the events first hand, the actions of the few were nothing more than group vandalism made largely anonymous by bored onlookers with nothing more precious in their lives than a sports game. Newsflash: it's different players on the same teams doing the same thing in the same places every year. It's a distraction. By caring about professional sports and allowing your emotions to be carried away by their unimportant fates, you fall into exactly the traps of distraction and manipulation planned for you that you say you oppose. These were not free minded people, but rather the most egregious of mindless hypocrites.

The world you think you desire is an illusion as romanticized and deceiving as the illusion sold to you by corporations and government. Grow up, you're looking to be a part of something, anything, because you don't respect yourself and you know you lack substance in your soul. Your actions and words do more to justify and encourage greater restrictions on your own liberties than anyone else.

Find a passion, make it your life's work. Find someone in this world to share with and dedicate yourself to. Shake off the distractions and illusions of ideology. Protect yourself, your rights and your family fiercely when challenged, but don't go looking for a fight. Contribute positively to whatever community you chose. Life a simple, quiet and satisfying life of peace. The only persons remembered in this world are those of extreme violence or inspiring compassion. You, author, have made your choice, but are you truly happy with it?

To the good citizens replacing overturned newspaper boxes, discouraging violence and having the courage to stand for their beliefs in the face of violence, drunken stupidity and juvenile angst, I say well done!

Thank you

Well said!

Very well said Jon.

Very well said Jon.

Have another

You're still drunk, probably off your deluded self-righteousness.

Rioting LOSERS

You really need to get a job and grab a life dude. I only wish that you get sooo busted for this insanity which you were so obviously a part of. You sick little F*&#. I wish the police would round up all you losers and handcuff you to poles in front of the art gallery and just walk away for 24 hours and let the rest of us have a good time with your sorry asses!!

D, whoever you are, you're a

D, whoever you are, you're a self-justifying moron. All you were doing is breaking and stealing other people's property and roughing up decent people. A lot of LGBT people got beaten up in the riot. How do you plan to defend that as part of your so-called social revolution. These weren't revolutionaries. They were overly-entitled middle-class brats from the suburb enjoying destruction for its own sake. You can't pretty that up. If you really want to change things, get into politics and start doing something real.

Oh, yes, you might also have the courage of your convictions and stop hiding behind an intitial.






WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!  Another person just pissed off that his team didn't win, or that he wasn't popular in school, or that he has a horrible job...either way, what a bunch of crap.  Life didn't turn out the way you with it like a man and work hard, not throw a fit like a 5 year old.  If you were such a big man, why did you have to use "d" instead of your name?  haha, must be mad you're playing with a small stick!  Grow up!  Your philosophy is horrible...didn't you ever read anything about philosophy, or do you just believe every batman movie that the joker is in (in other words, do you have an education and know how to read, or are you as stupid as you sound?  If you're going to open your mouth and peddle this bs, then at least base it on facts!  You have no arguements but theories, and baseless theories at that!  There was no thought process whatsoever put into this monstrosity of an article or theory or whatever the hell you call it.  If you were a big man you would let everyone know your name instead of hiding like the coward that you embarassed yourself, your family and friends, and your city and country...but I doubt you thought little of that.  You only thought of yourself.  You go on and on and on about this anarchy crap and how amazing you did...but you didn't accomplish anything, which is why anarchy has never succeeded.  Yes, you might have smashed a few things, but they can all be rebuilt, so wow great job you're the big man now!  To many people understand true philosophy, which is that govt is needed to provide people with liberty and protection from people like yourself.  WIthout any govt, you would be nothing....which must be why you're so scared.  Extremism is for the small minded person who can't see beyond his own scope.  It will never succeed as long as there are people who are willing to fight it, whether it is insurgents in a foreign land, terrorists, or people like yourself: and there in lays the rub.  Actions like the one you pulled last night only strengthen our resolve to live better lives, to defeat the very ideas that you stand for...peace and freedom for all mankind is what the world wants; all you want is to destroy things.  Get a life and grow up...maybe get an education or read a book on philosophy (and not just yours, but everybodies: become educated on the world, the different people and ideas inside of it)...then come back with something that has a base of facts.  Really, try to wow us, and maybe somebody might listen...until then, this is just childish, immature, and poorly thoughtout.

Yes, this article was full of

Yes, this article was full of spelling errors and devoid of intellect, but so was your reply. Read some anthropology, or virtually any history book, and then tell me with a straight face that government "is needed to provide people with liberty". I mean, you've got to be kidding. Suppressing liberty is pretty much the raison d'etre of every government on Earth.

You're a loser

You're an idiot.  You may have spell check but it's clear you can't phrase a proper thought and your writings would be full of spelling errors if you couldn't fix it through, not THREW, the click of a button.  I would suggest get your grade 12, then a job, contribute to society and stop condoning such barbaric behaviour. You will be caught and thanks from myself and the other truly embarassed hockey fans.  Assholes like you have firmly planted our once beautiful city in a shameful light to the rest of the world.  You're no Canadian, you're no hockey fan, you're just a loser.

Heros go home, everyone else wants to play.

"Amongst it all, a cluster had formed. A circle around a fight. In the middle where masked up ‘rowdies’ trying to make an escape. ‘Kill the fuckin anarchists’ was the slogan shared by a few... it had them running away from the riot and towards a riot cop line."

I call bullshit. This situation sounds more like some heros trying to intervene. Jim Chu is definitely obscuring reality by saying that anarchists started the riot - most rioters seemed to actually be hockey fans not "hockey fans in disguise," but rioter very rarely turned on other rioters, if ever. Fights broke out when "heros" (see below) tried to stop rowdies from trashing shit, and when anyone dared to insult the canucks. I have heard no reports of rioters turning on other rioters - although with emotions running high it is of course possible.

Hero (slang): A citizen who tries to maintain the current oppressive order of society. A hero someone who will tell the boss of your mistakes. A person who can't mind their own business and calls the police when they see someone committing crimes against property. The "hero" thinks calling the cops will better the community, and are often part of a class in society that benefits, rathers than suffers from this economic system. Heroes are usually middle aged caucasians or yuppies.

synonyms: snitch, rat, ass kisser

1. Hey, I'll watch your back and make sure no heros mess with you!



"Heroes" has a second e in it.

What we saw on Wednesday wasn't anarchy, but a brief and tiny state of idiocracy. Real and lasting social change only ever comes from hard, smart work and peaceful action.

This is brilliant. That

This is brilliant. That should be in Websters!

Learn to spell...

Hey jerkoff.  Its spelled through...  not threw.  Even thru would have made you look less like an un educated pud.  You try and come off as some warrior poet waxing all philosophical, but end up showing your true nature of an attention deprived child.  Have fun in the pokey douchebag!

"Cars on fire brought us

"Cars on fire brought us together, seeking the light."

"Single acts of defiance become the more heroic as one window gave way to another."

Boo hoo, my team lost and now I am going to destroy the city I live in and love for no good reason. You're an ass. 

I agree with Croidler

I agree with Croidler strongly.

This riot does not bear comparison with any kind of righteous social cause.  It is far more reminiscent of the Nika Revolt or Kristallnacht than of any respectable voicing of grievances.  Your type of Bakuninite/anarchist/socialist scum (or whatever you knuckle-draggers call yourselves) is disgusting.  You are not downtrodden, you have nothing to complain about, and your actions have alienated you from all respectable people.

Little Boy

You sound like a very insecure little boy that has never worked a day in his life.  Sad, frightened, and lonely.  You need the power of a group to actually survive but as an individual you are a frightened little toad.  You probably come from a detached family that paid no attention to you and you lacked the intestinal fortitude to come through that.  The reek of self entitlement permeates your musings. You are most likely a closet homesexual clammering to come out and tell the world.  I'm here!! I'm queer!! and proud of it.  Break free D (short for dinkweed?)!! Come out!!

One piece of advice - go out, get a job, work hard, and try to enjoy the beautiful world we live in.  Stop being so angry, stop blaming others for your shortcomings, and take responsibility for yourself.  Stand on your own. 

Whaahhh!!! Social Anarchy!!! Whaaahh!!! Where's my mommy's womb!!! Whaaaahhh!!!


ofcourse your from east van D, it seemed as though the majority of the rioters were surrey rats, but thats close enough. dont get me wrong, im not bashing surrey, but the few refeerd to as "rats" are well known, and easy to pick out.


ofcourse your from east van D, it seemed as though the majority of the rioters were surrey rats, but thats close enough. dont get me wrong, im not bashing surrey, but the few refeerd to as "rats" are well known, and easy to pick out.

Your eyes will indeed be

Your eyes will indeed be watering again...but it won't be from any pepper spray.

Your article was banal. 

You are a Coward and Common Thief

You are not a freedom fighter, you are not a hero. You are a follower Coward, common thief that found strength with a group of fellow cowards and common thieves who decided it was safe and easy in numbers to take what didn't belong to them. to damage property that hard working people that aree not part of any "Machine".

Paint the picture however you want, rationalize however you want, it will not change who you really are. you are nothing. you are the type of person that has no respect for others. when you die, no one will miss you except maybe your cellmate.

you are just a faggot. Not a homosexual, no offense meant towards anyone of any sexual persuasion. faggot in the context of someone who is just a douche bag. 

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