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VAC Single Life

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From what i understand all Disabled Vets are single. It can be proven through VAC legisaltion that all VAC vets are single. If you are pensioned under the Pension Act prior to 2005 you must be single or you need to be. I was pensioned in 2001 and now qualify for the EL under the New Veterans Charter Rehab and Vac program, i have endured the VAC clawback ever since I declined to continue SISIP. Its a simple legislated Goverment organization calculation that leave no room for adjustment, EL -< Pension Act pension award. As a single male I am pensioned at 60% disablity 100% military and service related. As i was released as a private sometime in the 90's( dont realy know i have mutiplie release dates on file with multiple release articles ) I qualified for the Min basic Corpral 40,000 salary privionsoning set forth within Bill C-55. So single i receive my pension that is deducted from a Pemanently calculated Temporary EL adjustment. If i was to marry and gain 3 minor children through this marrige therby increasing my pension as legisaltied under the Pension act this new ammount would reduce the EL income, yes less taxable income but still the same amount. Simply put If i had a wife and three kids land on my lap it would cancel all EL. 40k or not still 60% Disablity. Canadian Motto " when you're broken you're Broke!"

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