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Satnam Singh Sangra

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Jan 12 2012
Remembering the Legacy of a Canadian Shaheed
Aug 15 2011
Persecution of Minorities Continues as India Celebrates its 64th Independence Day
Jun 21 2011
The fifth Sikh Guru who sacrificed his life to uphold the values of free speech, equality and freedom of religion. A true champion of Human Rights.
Apr 28 2011
An Open letter to Ruby Dhalla – Prospective Candidate for Brampton-Springdale. Mrs. Dhalla, Human Rights is an Election Issue.
Apr 7 2011
64 years ago, on April 2, 1947 a long, effective and sustained struggle lead by the Sikhs culminated in all South-Asians attaining the right to Vote in Canada.
Jan 24 2011
Hindu Advocacy Group Supports the Perpeptuation of Anti-Sikh Hysteria

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