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English Bay Oil Spill: Response Time Revisited_Karen Wristen

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   Karen Wristen Executive Director Living Oceans Society reviews the response timeline for the recent oil spill at English Bay-Vancouver BC..
     This somewhat less than desirable response also contains some direct contradictions on what actually took place and what could have been achieved had the recent closing of the English Bay Coast guard station not have taken place. Fear is expressed that if had been a huge tanker carrying bitumen from the Alberta Tar Sands Kinder Morgan project, the amount of non cleanable  toxic devastation would bring total outrage from local citizens and new residents coming to Vancouver to enjoy it's pristine coastline and it's aquatic wonderland.   
   This event was partially brought to you by a group of concerned citizens & the group "We Love This Coast". &  will be a three part presentation with two other well known speakers to follow.  
** Riki Ott: PHD & founder of the Alert Project (
** Anita Burke, ( ) founder of The Catalyst Institute who was significantly impacted by her experiences at Shell International & her related experience in being sent to clean up the EXXON Valdez oil spill.
Thanks for watching and sharing these spoken words so that perhaps our leaders will learn Environmental destruction risks are not a welcome trade for higher profits of a selected few.  Renewable energy, clean air and waters are the proper way of the future.
***A special word of thanks goes out to videographer Paul Bennett (BFA, ECIAD) for sharing his direct feed audio from this event as there was only one audio line out available at that time.  His "full length" two hour coverage of this event may be found here:  
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