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Message From The Mountain_One Earth-One People "United We Stand Divided We All Fall"

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Message from the caretakers standing up for mother earth in their struggle with Kinder Morgans Pipeline assault in a public park in Burnaby BC People are invited to join the peaceful protest on Burnaby Mountain and stand up for the healt of our planet.
    This madness simply must not continue.
     For more up to date information please follow the following links.
Burnaby Mountain Update Facebook Page.
      Link  to Stop Enbridge Stop Kinder Morgan Call to Action Facebook Page
      Donations for Legal deefence fund for citizens standing up for our environment & sued by kinder morgan / go here.
      Please also view this link to see how police treated senior tax paying citizens who were holding a peaceful protest to protect our environment for our Children's Children. Totall unacceptable brute force with no concern for broken bones and years of suffering down the road from heartless machine. 
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