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Monsanto-The Lies They've Told_Harold Steeves

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A partial list of the lies told to the public by Monsanto is revealed.  
   Harold Steeves an outstanding Canadian Citizen with a list of well documented life's achievements which would take longer to list than the length of this video.
Practicing Geneticist, City Councillor, former teacher, one of the founders of the Agricultural Land Reserve, representing Richmond BC second director on the board of directors for Metro Vancouver, the list goes on and on. (add former musician to the list)  :-) Definitely not a uniformed radical who knows not of what he is talking about..  
Please consider viewing this film documentary on the topic of GMO's        
  Thanks for watching what again was mostly not covered by main stream media sources.  People-Stand-Up and be counted for mother earth, fellow humans and all life's creatures.    
Please also take a few minutes and watch /  a message from Vandana Shiva on GMO's  
Why is cancer and other diseases on the rise, have a look here and find out more on what they are not telling you:  The world acording to Monsanto.
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