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Party Against the Pipelines: A Carnival for Climate Justice

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On Saturday September 27, hundreds of people turned a Chevron gas station in Vancouver BC, unceded Coast Salish Territories, into a party zone against pipelines and climate crime.

The announcement for the event, following closely after the #PeoplesClimate and #FloodWallStreet actions in New York, reads in part: As we resist the onslaught of tar sands pipelines, fracked gas plants and pipelines, and new coal exports, we must also build community alternatives to the systems of capitalism and colonialism which underpin these devastating projects.

The carnival will be protest, occupation, celebration, and more, and – like history – will be made by those who show up. Join us to hold and transform space, and imagine an alternative to fossil-and-profit-fuelled oppression and destruction.

The carnival will spark new community relationships, help us recognize and grow our collective influence to change the places we live in, and build power for our shared struggles. It will be a moment to learn from each other, dance and play, and co-create fragments of the future we dream of in the here and now.

For more information on Rising Tide see (Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories) and (North America w links to Rising Tide groups on other contenents.)

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