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Putting The Heart Back Into Health Care

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Also Available on Vimeo:    An evening with  a member of the Health Sciences Association of British Columbia & also elected Labor Co-Chair of the BC Health Coalition"Edith MacHattie".   
    Edith brings forth a descriptive of the BC Health Coalition functions and gives an overview of parts of our medical system which needs much improvement, to say the least.
    Issues such as overlapping medical claims, double billings,  (at around 19.50 on the video timeline)  Privatization of the health care system, shortage of Doctors & the lists goes on and on as we all should know. Trying to schedule an operation and waiting months or years to be fit into an overcrowded timeline in the public system is a most distasteful experience.
    It's time for B.C. to Scrap MSP Premiums / send message to BC Government  
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